If you are interested in joining any of the committees, please email the appropriate committee chair for more information.

Charity Selection Committee:

The Charity Selection Committee is responsible for researching and interacting with all charities related to cancer and coordinating volunteer activities with these charities for YTAC members. The Committee will make decisions and recommendations as to where YTAC can focus its financial and personal resources. Currently, the Committee members are gathering a list of cancer-related organizations and foundations for YTAC to research and consider contributing to at the end of the year. The Committee is also creating a database of volunteer activities in the community. We welcome your suggestions! See the news & updates page for your volunteer activities.

» Contact San Antonio Charity/Volunteer Chair

Social Committee:

The Social Committee is responsible for providing a fun environment where young adults can increase their awareness and contribute to various cancer-related charities. The Social Committee members are in charge of coordinating and planning all events for YTAC. The purpose of these events is to expand our membership and community involvement. The Social Committee’s long-term goals by planning events include stimulating YTAC’s growth and generating funds for our Annual Charitable Donations.

» Contact San Antonio Social Chair

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is responsible for reaching all potential members in the Houston area, with other cities to follow. The Committee members will assist with membership recruitment and the ongoing maintenance of YTAC’s database. The Membership Committee will also work closely with the Social Committee on each event.

» Contact San Antonio Membership Chair

Development Committee:

The Development Committee is responsible for providing and contacting multiple prospective sources for capital. The Committee will endeavor to collect monetary donations and event sponsorships from corporations, foundations, and individuals.

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