Crawl for Cancer

San Antonio Crawl Information

Teams will travel to five bars. At each bar, teams will be given four tickets valid for four pitchers of beer. Everyone is invited back to the after-party for music, beer, and more fun!

Teams should have ten to twelve people, including the team captain. If you have more than ten people on your team, you will need to include an extra $20 for each additional person.

All participants must be at least 21 years of age. IDs will be checked, TABC and local regulations will be strictly enforced. It is HIGHLY recommended that each participant bring two forms of ID.

Participants are required to wear their Crawl for Cancer t-shirts, and entry into the after-party will be denied for anyone without one.

When travelling from bar to bar the team captain will be the only one who can order beer. You will be handed tickets for your team’s beer upon entering each bar. Please make sure your teammates are aware of this so that ordering runs smoothly. This makes it easier on the bartenders, who will be really busy!

If you are interested in the 2013 Crawl for Cancer, which will most likely be in March, please contact Natalie Biggers at
You can also get current Crawl for Cancer information by checking out the main webiste