San Antonio

In 2009, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation was selected as the San Antonio chapter of the Young Texans Against Cancer’s major beneficiary. As well as helping with treatment and education, ThriveWell partners with the START Center in cancer trials and research. In 2009, our chapter donated $60,000 to ThriveWell to support research, treatment, and education. In addition to the ThriveWell donation, our chapter donated $10,000 to the Cancer Care Foundation of South Texas and $1,000 to the American Cancer Society’s Mission Discovery for a total 2009 charitable donation of $71,000.

In 2010, Cancer Therapy & Research Center was selected as the major beneficiary and our chapter donated  over 30,000 to CTRC.

In 2011, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation was chosen again as our major beneficiary.   We donated over $40,000 for the benefit of San Antonio’s own ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, a non-profit established exclusively to provide support for persons (and their families) suffering with cancer, during and after treatment, both physically and financially, and also to provide support for cancer research.  One program funded by ThriveWell includes transportation and financial assistance for cancer patients in need.  Much of ThriveWell’s research grant funding goes to San Antonio’s Phase 1 clinical trial programs

Thank you for supporting the Young Texans Against Cancer.

Best Wishes,
Brent Conger
YTAC-San Antonio President

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